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Works in the field of creation of geophysical navigating systems at enterprise " Trend " have begun in 1998 within the framework of conversion of navigating development and proceed now.

1998. Complex IGM-95 with participation of geophysical organizations "Idel" (Ufa), LKAB (Sweden), SPF "Geophysics" (Ufa) is developed. Under the order companies LKAB (Sweden) have been developed and made a complex gyro inclinometer equipments IGM-95, including the feeder inclinometer in an ascending chink for work in rigid mine conditions and in conditions of magnetic anomalies. Works proceeded till 2002, but because of problems connected with the big mass-dimensional characteristics inclinometer and weak resistance to jitter-bang to influences, the complex of the further development has not received.

2005. Company "Trend" has won competition and has received the grant on carrying out of researches and development of a modern complex of navigating system for level-horizontal drilling. At an initial stage financing was carried out by Fund of assistance to development of small forms of the enterprises of the Russian Federation in scientific and technical sphere under the program Start 2005.

Operational experience and achievements in the field of new domestic and foreign element base have allowed to create a modern complex of geophysical navigating system for level-horizontal drilling chinks of universal purpose. Are made and transferred{handed} to operation inclinometer IGM33/42-D (on a basis of dynamically tuned gyroscope). Significant progress in reduction of mass-dimensional characteristics inclinometer, precision characteristics is achieved, but weak resistance to shock to influences (no more 20g) was kept.

2011. Complex IGM33/42-VG is developed on the basis of elements iMEMS technologies and fiber optics. Resistance of a complex in relation to shock to influences has achieved 150 … 200g.

2012. Is developed and made the automated stand static and dynamic tests inclinometers, gyroscopes, accelerometers.

Calibration inclinometer is carried spent in an automatic mode at the enterprise the manufacturer, and as in a mode of “Removed access” in territory of the customer.

Ideas are protected by a line of patents of the Russian Federation. Development of Open Company "Trend" is marked by diplomas and medals of various exhibitions. So at an exhibition of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre in 2008 «The Product and dual-purpose technology» (Moscow), development is awarded with a medal and a rank «The Winner of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre», the diploma of the international industrial forum 2008 in Ñ-Petersburg, marked by the certificate 13 international exhibitions "Oil and gaz - 2010", etc.

Improvement of the device in the extreme conditions of operation corresponding extreme proceeds. Researches on the further improvement of operational characteristics of a complex, expansion of sphere of application, etc.